FitStyle Awards

call for entry register to join us and help us choose


vendors, designers,sponsors

We offer you a unique opportunity to showcase your line for a chance to promote your work.

Each vendor will receive a booth table to showcase products:   $275

Each designer will receive booth, models to showcase for a chance to win

Each sponsor will receive both to include on stage present $1600

Includes spot in magazine plus video to broadcast on air.  and announcement. 

We offer higher sponsorships for chance to give out prizes to include helping with winning spots for our bidding and event hosting.

If you would like to sanction and host a party for the association please contact us. This can be done throughout the year and to include free ad magazine and copies in facility. to help benefit charities this is a great way to do this.


Models and Photographers

Registration to volunteer or compete for opportunity to get picked for work or prizes.

To include FitStyle shootouts.  All registrations must have a valid id to include their own design in two or three outfits.  First outfit is sports wear.  Second out fit evening wear.  And third  optional bikini wear.  You can registered to compete with your own designs or team up with a designer. 

Photographers registration is the same as vending and designing.  If you have a pair with bring design and creativity with flair.

Photographers who don't have this can option to tip for take with a model.

Make sure that all photos the association receive a copy of up to 15 or more photos of quality and you can have your logo.  Chance to win in awards.

This is a fun thing and you can be creative.  use products, props etc. 

Music will be part of the show.

to register to be part of our upcoming events to include online chances to be awarded.

please register your profile and then follow us on twitter and facebook which is required.



need a designer shop at these


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